Apartment Leasing

Revamping the Renewal Process

by Paul Willis

Although renewals are a vital component of the leasing lifecycle, operators have long approached them with a less-than-optimized process, one that relies heavily on overextended site teams performing a series of manual tasks, often without the sufficient time and energy to do so. And with years of searing-hot demand for new leases, many operators were perhaps tempted not to give renewals the focus and resources needed to execute them well.  

Virginia-based KETTLER has always viewed resident retention as a priority, but last year, the company decided it needed to introduce more automation and technological firepower to its process to maximize the financial and operational benefits a successful renewal program can provide.  

“I think one thing that’s been de-emphasized in our industry is the way that technology has grown and matured, and how it can really help us with what has always been an extremely manual process,” says Cindy Fisher, President of KETTLER. 

Read Paul Willis’ article in the National Apartment Association’s Industry Insider.

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