Industry Trends Report | Week of August 28


Renters Driving Multifamily Innovation

by Ed Wolff

Modern renters conduct much of their lives in the palms of their hands, looking for flexibility and options in every facet of their multifamily experience. Convenience is now equally as important as location, design and amenities. Finding ways to make your residents’ lives easier and adapting to changing demands are key to maintaining a competitive edge.

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How Co-Living is Reshaping Urban Housing

by Corina Stef

Affordability has made co-living an increasingly attractive option for today’s renters and it’s having a noticeable impact on urban housing. A different concept than roommates, the rising trend means multifamily may need to adjust marketing and leasing strategies and procedures.

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Hiring the Right Person for the Right Job

by Lawrence Berry

Hiring isn’t about just filling a position, it’s about finding the best possible person who will want to grow with the company. Setting expectations for candidates early on, creating solid interview questions and allowing your team to participate will help find the person you need.

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Pets and Technology: The Latest Wave of Multifamily Innovation

by Morgan Dzak

As multifamily communities welcome more pets into their communities, they’re using technology to make life better for pets and their owners, as well as those who don’t own any. One example is controlling pet waste, which addresses the prevailing top complaint at rental communities. Utilizing DNA testing can help identify offenders and take corrective action. Pet tech is also helping in areas such as emotional support animals and restrictions.

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Package Management: Delivering Value for Multifamily Residents

by Gene Rebek

Package delivery saw a massive upturn during the pandemic and remains strong today. The challenge for multifamily onsite teams is how to manage the influx of items their residents are ordering. Third-party systems and tech are keeping communities from getting boxed in.

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Bike Shares, E-Bikes Gain Speed as an Amenity

by Jordana Rothberg

Negative press about e-bikes and bike sharing shouldn’t discourage owners and operators from considering them as a way to attract new residents and boost retention. E-bike and bike-share amenities will have significantly different costs but each can produce an excellent ROI.

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Fannie Mae Examines Multifamily Construction Pipeline

by Michael Rudy

An examination of the multifamily construction industry shows that starts are slowing and a surge of completions is in the future. There were 479,000 units completed last year and the 2023 numbers are expected to surpass 725,000. New York leads the pack in new units for the year, followed closely by Dallas. Rounding out the top five metros with units completed or set for completion this year were Austin, Washington, D.C. and Houston.

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Maybe Secret Distress Behind CRE Market Performance

by Erik Sherman

Despite all the distress in the commercial real estate market, such as loan status and charge-offs, one predicted outcome isn’t developing. The expected wave of fire sales hasn’t materialized since all asset classes of CRE are performing well in rents and occupancy, except for the office sector.

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States Are Scrambling to Revive Small Multifamily Homes

by Ilena Peng

Construction in the U.S. has focused primarily on single-family homes and large apartment buildings, leaving middle housing out of the loop. Many states believe this has contributed to their housing crises and want to bring back duplexes and triplexes, which made up only 1% of construction in 2022.

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