Customer Service

What Multifamily Can Learn About Customer Experience

by Morgan Dzak

Other industries are years ahead of multifamily when it comes to the customer experience. Sports, entertainment, travel, and hospitality are just a few examples of industries that have excelled at elevating experiences for their customers and set the bar for digital interaction. 

Looking for an apartment is also an experience, and a deeply personal one at that. Operators have been trying to meet evolving renter needs and transform the customer experience into a better, more enjoyable resident life cycle. The key is creating more memorable, intuitive, and personalized experiences for the modern renters who are just as research-driven as they are digitally savvy.

Focusing on that customer experience creates a long-term impact on new leases, renewals, resident retention, and better reputation. Multifamily can leverage some impactful strategies from other industries to deliver a better experience to renters. 

Read Morgan Dzak’s article in the Multifamily Executive.

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