Apartment Tours: Sorting it All Out

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When the pandemic struck, operators across the country had to expand their touring options. Solutions like self-guided tours and live video tours became a necessity as social distancing protocols and coronavirus-related precautions either limited or temporarily eliminated traditional in-person, agent-led tours.

Digging into the Data

During the past few months, you’ve probably heard a lot about how quickly apartment communities reacted to the onset of the pandemic.
Operators recall sprinting to implement self-guided and video tours and remote leasing systems in a matter of days.

Innovation Under Control

As the tech renaissance continues, multifamily companies are looking to not only solve current problems but adopt solutions with the capability of delivering a long-term return on investment. Knowing what to look for, and what to avoid, when sifting through the new products on the market is vital.

Industry Trends Report | Week of May 3

Multifamily technologies that worked during the pandemic

The most important multifamily news of the week: leasing lessons learned during the pandemic, event opportunities this spring, single-family rental operators becoming common buyers of new homes, rent prices show largest jump in April since 2017, NAHB asks Biden administration to address lumber costs, and investors are walking away from ‘walkability.’