PetScreening Partners with Updater to Simplify Pet Compliance at Move-In

by Stephen Ursery

PetScreening, which offers the rental housing industry’s first and leading pet policy management software at no charge to property owners and managers, today announced it has integrated with Updater, the leading resident onboarding and relocation technology company.

The integration is available to communities that use Updater’s resident onboarding platform, Updater Pro | Onboarding, and require pet approval through PetScreening. Within the Updater app, the new integration will show residents:

  • Whether or not their new community requires pets to be approved through PetScreening;
  • A new move-in task that includes pet information and instructions unique to their community.

The integration and new task within Updater enables leasing teams to achieve greater compliance with pet policies and increase the likelihood that a resident’s pet is approved prior to move-in day. This new partnership makes moving with furry friends easier than ever.

“We are excited to partner with Updater to provide a simplified, streamlined solution for pet screening in multifamily,” said John Bradford, founder and CEO of PetScreening. “Updater has a great reputation as an innovator and market leader in the multifamily industry, so it was a natural fit to integrate our two platforms. By combining our services, we can help multifamily communities ensure a safe and pet-friendly living environment for all of their residents, both human and furry.”

For communities that utilize both Updater Pro | Onboarding and PetScreening, integrating the two is a breeze. Simply log in to your Updater Pro | Onboarding dashboard, click to a community’s task configuration page, and activate the “Pet Registration with PetScreening” task. If a community already uses the generic “Pet Registration” task, there’s no need to keep it active once the PetScreening-specific task is live.

“At Updater, we’re all about making the move-in process as smooth and stress-free as possible for both leasing teams and residents,” shared David Greenberg, founder and CEO of Updater. “When our communities tell us there’s an opportunity to make life easier for on-site teams and residents, we listen and take action – and that’s exactly what happened with PetScreening.”

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