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Kevin Juhasz

Multifamily Meets the Resort

As the lines between apartments and hotels become increasingly blurred, some owner-operators are leaping forward by offering properties with resort-class perks. Amenities such as concierge service, housekeeping, coffee service and more are beginning to make an appearance in multifamily communities.

Cultivating a New Employee Experience

One of the biggest issues facing multifamily has many different names. While “The Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting” may make for great headlines, these labels take away from the complexity and nuance of the issue — the gaps in the employee experience are affecting drive, performance and retention.

Industry Trends Report |Week of May 8

The top storylines in multifamily this week are tenant satisfaction and renewal rates, electrical issues, proactive leasing, the customer experience, income verification, centralized leasing, the constitutionality of rent stabilization, apartment maintenance expenses and Montana blocks rent control.

Industry Trends Report |Week of May 1

The top storylines in multifamily this week are apartment transactions, pressure on PMs to maintain profits, residential conversions, maintenance centralization, paths to efficiency, tips for effective reputation management, home-buying pessimism and the Fed unleashes a 10th interest rate hike.