Industry Trends Report |Week of February 13


Amenities That Will Impact Renters’ Decisions in 2023

by Manjit Sohal

Amenities can make or break a renter’s decision to renew, and lackluster offerings will encourage prospects to hunt elsewhere for their next home. Given the significant impact amenities have on property performance, it is important for communities to provide the attractions renters are seeking.

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Strategies for Multifamily Maintenance Retention

by Andrew Ruhland

From handling work orders to keeping things clean, maintenance teams are the heart of smooth-running communities. With a traditionally high turnover rate, finding and keeping a solid team is a challenge for many companies.

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The People Behind the Performance – Kendall Pretzer

by Jocelyn Quall

Grace Hill CEO Kendall Pretzer joins Real Estate Business Analytics CEO Donald Davidoff for a look at the evolution of technology in multifamily, simplification challenges suppliers face, the importance of explaining the why and more.

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Appealing to Renters’ Desire for More Sustainability

by Deb DeRoun

Sustainability and the environment remain important issues for renters, according to the 2022 AMLI Sustainable Living Index. As owner/operators work to adjust their communities, awareness of their carbon footprint and the availability of environmentally friendly tech are required to appeal to modern residents.

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Leveraging TikTok for Multifamily Marketing

by Olivia Bunescu

Featuring more than 1.5 billion users, TikTok has quickly become an important marketing tool for many industries, including multifamily. The social media app’s functionality and business-friendly algorithm make it easier for communities to connect with users.

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3 Predictions for ChatGPT’s Influence on Lead Generation

by Ellen Thompson

Microsoft’s integration of ChatGPT into Bing could bring changes to the search engine world. While it only holds a 9% market share, compared to Google’s 84%, Bing could grow in popularity with the stronger and more narrow search engine ChatGPT will bring and SEO may also be affected.

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Apartment Management Once Again Proving Recession-Proof

by Paul Bergeron

The layoffs that have hit the tech sector and are starting to impact other industries have not hit the property management sector, which remains solid despite a looming recession. Rather than lay off workers, owner/operators are utilizing the efficiencies generated by proptech to shift the responsibilities of their onsite teams.

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Multifamily Borrowing, Lending Expected to Drop to $384 Billion

by Christine Serlin

The Mortgage Bankers Association updated its forecast for multifamily lending in 2023, predicting a 16% decrease for the year to $384 billion. The MBA expects a weak start to the year due to economic concerns and moderate interest rates but also predicts improvement near the end of 2023.

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The Hidden Costs of Chronic Understaffing

by Gwen Moran

Companies continue to scramble to find employees and now the tech sector has introduced a wave of layoffs. In both cases, the employees that remain are asked to pick up the work of the departed. If this issue becomes chronic, the costs to businesses could be greater than expected.

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